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Individualized, one-on-one handwriting tutoring using proven strategies in a creative yet rigorous way.

Handwriting Solutions provides certified virtual tutors that cater their curriculum specifically for your child's needs.

Step 1

Get Help Today with a Targeted Handwriting Assessment

You and your child will partner with our handwriting expert for a thorough assessment. Your child will engage in a meaningful yet rigorous process to identify strengths and areas requiring intervention.  Finally, your results will be delivered through a written report and follow-up interview to ensure understanding and goals.

Step 2

Customize Your Tutoring Schedule

Following the assessment, your journey to writing success begins!  Our team of handwriting experts will be the key to unlocking your child's writing barriers and building skills for learning and life.  Based on your results, you can easily book your individualized sessions below.  Booking sessions are sold in 10 packs and can be scheduled around your availability. 

Step 3

Enjoy Your Child's Growth in Confidence & Handwriting

Along your child's handwriting journey, we will work with you as well as your child's teacher and other members of your child's team to ensure success.  Your child's progress will be measured throughout.  We can't wait for you to see the transformation in your child and their ability to access their learning like never before! 

A Team of Tutors that are Truly Passionate about Your Child's Growth

Set your child up for success with our early learning tutoring sessions!

Help your child who is struggling with written work by giving them the tools and training to be successful!

Picture This...
  • Tired of not being able to read your child's homework?

  • Tired of watching your child's frustration with writing?

  • Tired of ripped up pages and constant erasing?

Now Imagine...
  • No more fighting your child to write his essay. 

  • No more nagging your child to slow down his/her pencil. 

  • No more making your child re-write his sentence so it is legible.


What Our Customers Are Saying

My son has autism and his handwriting is not the best, after working with Kelli for the last month I can totally see an improvement on his handwriting, plus he loves working with her, he said is so much fun, so Thank you Mrs Kelli for your help!


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