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Handwriting Solutions Testimonials

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Parent Testimonial
Parent of 7 year old Virtual Client

He was so excited for class this morning. School is seeing progress and we are really happy.

Parent of 7 year old Camper

Kelli has a special connection with kids that is absolutely undeniable. My rising second grader took a much-needed handwriting camp last summer. I was worried about "selling" the idea to my busy, active kid who'd rather be playing sports. However, all it took was one session with Kelli and he couldn't wait to go back! She totally "gets" young kids and makes their experiences fun, multi-sensory, and makes them feel so welcome. I consulted with Kelli about my son's unusual hand tremors and she provided thoughtful and detailed feedback along with resources for me. We're going to her next for help with cursive since it's no longer taught at school and I KNOW my kid will learn better from her than me! ;)

Parent of 9 year old Past Client

She still talks about tutoring with you! She really enjoyed it. I have to report that she has all A's now aside from math

SLP Provider

Kelli is a wonderful resource and truly makes an impact in families’ lives! School is most of our kids’ only job, and handwriting can make such a difference in academic achievement, self confidence and attitudes toward school. Definitely reach out to Kelli to see how she can best serve your family!

Parent of Virtual Client

We are so grateful for everything you guys were able to accomplish with him this summer! - Parent of virtual client I like your storytelling style of writing. Your writing brought me right into your experience which I think is so relatable to other families living with dyslexia in our virtual world. He was so excited for class this morning. School is seeing progress and we are really happy. ____ still talks about tutoring with you!! She really enjoyed it. I have to report that she has all A's now aside from math.

The care and tailoring they put into addressing our child’s needs. They are available to answer questions and never have I been made to feel rushed or inconvenienced when wanting to discuss the plan, process, etc.

I am quite satisfied with the way in which things have been done and are progressing

Life changing, amazing, a must do! A program that is filling the gaps with regards to writing and spelling that were missed in school, promoting confidence and preparing my children for their future.


Kelli and the team are top notch

My child has improved his writing skills. The tutor assigned is flexible and easy to communicate with

Now I can read and understand my kid’s handwriting and that’s amazing, plus their handwriting is so beautiful now!

I would say that every school, teacher, or tutor should have the same training that Handwriting Solutions tutors have, they are awesome!

Kelly has been wonderful for my son and daughter who were experiencing issues with letter and number reversals and visual tracking. She makes it fun for the kids and can see patients in person in Sandestin or virtually. We have done a combination of the two and have been very happy. I would highly recommend her services.

Handwriting Solutions and Ms Kelli have been such a blessing to our family, as mother of two kids ages 10 and 9 one with Autism/ADHD and one with ADHD, dyslexia and dysgraphia, I can tell you that before Ms Kelli came into our lives, my kids were having a really hard time with their handwriting, everything was mess, impossible to read, wrong placing big the words, a mix of upper case and lower case, letters and numbers facing the wrong way and I can keep going on and on, but after a year of working Handwriting Solutions I can see the huge improvement not only on both of my kids handwriting, but also their confidence, to the point that my daughter ( dyslexia and dysgraphia ) now loves to write notes and letters for me and she leaves them all over the house, my son ( autism and adhd) even his teacher at school have noticed the big improvement on his handwriting, the way he places his words right on the lines and how there is no more upper case and lower case mess. But one of the things that I personally love the most about handwriting solutions, is that my kids are now writing and reading in cursive too and to me that’s huge. We started with them last year for summer camp and it has been a year working with Ms Kelli and my kids keep loving going to work with her every week, she makes it so fun and easy that for them is not working or tutoring, is happy time. So that being said, I highly recommend ms Kelli Fetter and Handwriting Solutions!!! 🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️

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