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Getting Started with Handwriting Solutions


We recognize that all children have different skillsets, tendencies, and learning styles. Many of our new clients will start off with a Free 15-Minute Consultation with Kelli to ask questions and ensure we will be a great fit for your child. If you'd like to set up a brief time that works for you, click here!


Following our consultation, we require a 1-hour evaluation to fully analyze  your child's needs. A handwriting evaluation with our tutor will include the following: a parent interview of handwriting concerns; administration, scoring, and interpretation of an age/grade appropriate assessment; a review of past written work with communication from child's teacher if necessary; and a written report of including scoring and observations as well as recommendations and a plan for remediation.

Image by Jess Bailey

Handwriting Solutions is a resource for families who need handwriting support. 

We help children of all ages, from pre-writing to print to cursive and keyboarding virtually.

> If tutoring sessions are recommended, Handwriting Solutions would provide all materials needed.  If you are doing virtual sessions, you will need a computer/iPad, internet, and access to a printer. 

> Tutoring Sessions are purchased as a bundle of 10 sessions, with sessions typically occurring 1-2x per week.  Scheduling can be adjusted depending on your needs.  Each session is 45 minutes in length, with daily practice of 5-10 minutes at home provided and strongly encouraged. 

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