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#108 – Dysgraphia (Handwriting) with Kelli Fetter

In this episode, we are breaking down some amazing barriers to understanding dysgraphia (more commonly known as handwriting challenges!)

1) Define dyslexia and the types of barriers to writing a student would face

2) How to break down the part of handwriting that’s difficult

3) How goals should be written to address handwriting

4) What the most effective help looks like for those with dysgraphia!

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Dysgraphia Diagnoses Creates a New Business with Kelli Fetter

In today's episode, Kelli Fetter shares how the discovery of her daughter's dysgraphia triggered the creation of a new business, Handwriting Solutions. "We would work into a more fine motor, visual motor task and then segue into our weekly handwriting lesson. I saw excellent results. I did a pre and a post-screen. The results were amazing after four days." Wow, Kelli is seeing results in four days. How exciting. 

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