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Welcome to

Summer Virtual Handwriting Camp

Designed & led by an occupational therapist with extensive pediatric background & handwriting curriculum training.  

Perfect for students who need help with:  

-basic writing skills

-Letter formation, size, spacing, & line placement

-Pencil grasp

-Written output & expression

Limited Space, Sign Up Early!

Small group instruction + Research based practices + multisensory approaches = RESULTS

An intensive approach to building fine and visual motor skills for handwriting.

Sessions are 50 min each,

limited to 4 per group max,

materials are included & will be shipped for FREE

(for US registrants only, use code below for international)

Note* sign ups below are for virtual sessions. For details regarding in-person summer camp, Click Here!

Now OPEN TO GMT Time Zones!  

Expanding to serve UK/Euro students

+5 for GMT time

(Materials not included with registrants outside of the US due to international tax.  Use code "CAMPS" for $50 off registration, then we will send you a link to the materials that you can purchase via international Amazon)

"Handwriting Solutions has a special connection with kids that is absolutely undeniable. My rising second grader took a much-needed handwriting camp last summer.  I was worried about "selling" the idea to my busy, active kid who'd rather be playing sports.  However, all it took was one session and he couldn't wait for the next day!  They totally "get" young kids and make camp experiences fun, multi-sensory, and make them feel so welcome." 

- Parent of a past camper

"Writing on the chalkboard is my favorite!"

-Past camper

"I learned about spaghetti and meatball spacing"

-Past camper

"I know what small, tall, and fall letters are now!"

-Past camper

Writing Paper

Why handwriting camp?!

-"Explicitly teaching letter formation holds a crucial part for automaticity in writing" - Berninger & Wolf.   

-We served over 50 students last summer around the US through virtual camps and tutoring!

-Live and individualized instruction via Zoom + Materials are included and will be shipped directly to you... how easy does it get?!

-Your child's handwriting will NOT get better with time.  They need: explicit instruction, multi-sensory learning, and a systematic approach to get results!  Guess what?  Our camp does just that!

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