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Z is for Zoom

Look I get it, you may have a negative reaction when I say the word "zoom" or "virtual" or anything to do with learning on a computer! I get it. I am with you. I Despised with a capital D "online" school during early pandemic. It was a terrible fit for my daughter (who has dyslexia and dysgraphia) and overall rushed and thrown together and not productive. I vividly recall so many tears, so many arguments, so much missed learning during those times. Learning is 3 dimensional and can never be replaced by a computer screen.

With that said, let me discuss the value in using zoom or other video platforms for tutoring.

1- Convenience. Parents don't have to juggle wrangling all of their kids into the car, commute, and transition to get to tutoring. They can stay at home for a better life balance and get some time back into their day.

2- Carryover. Parents can naturally be more involved in virtual tutoring sessions thereby learning more and carrying over more in the child's natural environment (their home or school). Some kids are independent with zoom, but some need parents nearby which only enhances the relationship and outcomes.

3- Effective. If done right, the virtual tutoring session will closely mimic the in-person session therefore eliciting results. We still use pencil and paper and gross motor movements and manipulatives during zoom sessions, the virtual element is only there to facilitate.

4- Impact. Using virtual platforms has eliminated a huge barrier of finding qualified service providers in rural or underserved areas, or areas lacking specialized services. Using zoom allows parents and teachers access to the best resources for their child/student.

Full disclosure, while I stand firm on my belief that in-person schooling is best for my child and most children... I believe everyone can and should make the choice that is best for them. AND I also highly value online tutoring.

In fact, we work with an educational tutor virtually in our family. I also engage with a business coach online. I connect and partner with other professionals around the world through Zoom to reach and share knowledge and tips to reach even more children and families than I can serve just through individual tutoring. I see the huge value that online affords us, and I hope you see it too.

To set up a virtual consult where we chat about your needs, an online assessment with your child, or learn more about our virtual services, reach out to



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