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Y is for YOU !

I'll say it again... YOU! You are the child's greatest asset. YOU are the best resource, their biggest supporters, the advocate. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a therapist, or a tutor, you know the heavy responsibility and the priceless reward in helping a child succeed.

You are the asset. That means if you are the parent, you know your child best. You know what drives them and where they struggle. You are an integral part in our tutoring sessions because you are the one implementing the strategies we suggest. We couldn't do it without you. As the teacher or therapist, you are the asset as you bring the knowledge and experience to the table. You partner with the parent to share your insight, tips, and strategies.

You are the resource. As a parent, you are an invaluable resource for those working with your child as you are the one with the child the most. You are the resource for your child as you help guide him/her along their journey while you research and read and learn yourself. As the teacher or therapist, you are a critical resource to both students and parents. You are helping guide them down this unknown path that can be both lonely and scary at times. You are the sharer of information, figuring out how to best serve the child using their strengths.

You are the supporter. You are your child's cheerleader and biggest fan even through challenging times. You encourage your child to do their best, while also knowing when to take a break and let loose and relax or have fun. As teacher/therapist, you support the child and the parent. You provide that just right challenge, you offer practical advice and recommendations, and you offer help when the family is most vulnerable.

You are the advocate. As parent, teacher, or therapist you advocate for the child. You advocate for what is best, you demand nothing less, and you are the voice of that child until they are old enough to self-advocate. You teach the child to advocate for themselves so that they become aware of their amazing and unique gifts and aware of when they need help and how to ask for it. You take a stand when you need to, and you always have the child's best interest in sight.

Without YOU, tutoring and therapy and education would not happen. You are the essential link. You are what makes a difference in the child's progress and performance.

At Handwriting Solutions, we value every single person on the child's "team" and choose collaboration as the best way to serve our clients.



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