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T is for Tutoring

Do you just teach handwriting or what does handwriting tutoring really mean?

This is one of the most common questions we get, as many people think of tutoring as a way to help their child with a specific subject as school. Example, your child is struggling in math, so you hire a math tutor that works with your child to help them understand math concepts and hopefully earn a better grade.

With handwriting tutoring, there is a bit more involved. Handwriting is a complex brain body integration, it is strongly linked to literacy, it is used most every day, and it is highly meaningful as it is how one expresses themselves.

Therefore, tutoring for handwriting dives deeper than just writing a letter.

Handwriting tutoring looks at all of those underlying skills that are required to write. Skills such as sitting posture, fine motor strength, coordination, visual integration, and SO much more.

Handwriting tutoring is individualized to each child and their specific needs and strengths and desires. There isn't a set protocol used because each child is different and needs various strategies, techniques, accommodations, and remediation.

Handwriting tutoring is comprehensive and can be helpful for a variety of ages and abilities. This is because we build upon the foundational skills mentioned above, then address skills in a meaningful and practical order: from basic alphabet awareness, to individual letter writing, to word writing and line placement and size, and eventually to sentence skills and keyboarding and cursive.

Schools are not always explicitly teaching these handwriting skills. Similarly, children may struggle with these skills due to a learning difference or developmental delay. So whether your child has a diagnosis or not, they may exhibit a need for handwriting tutoring. You may only need short term help to get your child where they need to be. Or they may need longer to really develop those skills and build that solid foundation.

How do you know if your child needs handwriting tutoring?

1 - Book a free 15-minute consult to help guide you

2 - Schedule a handwriting assessment



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