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Resource Guide: Learning, Handwriting, & Dysgraphia

Here is your comprehensive guide of our favorite resources! We have weeded through and found the best of the best to share with you.

Access our top selection of books, research articles, helpful websites, resources, & more.

This list is everchanging & growing, so be sure to save this link & check back often! And if there is a resource missing that you think should be added, let us know here!



-Tilt Parenting by Debbie Reber

-The Writing Glitch by Cheri Dotterer

-ADHD Experts by ADDitude

-Special Education Advocacy by Ashley Barlow

-Unruffled by Janet Lansbury

-The Parent IEP Lab by Beth Liesenfeld

-Good Inside by Dr Becky

-The OT Schoolhouse by Jayson Davies

-Let's Talk Learning Disabilities by Diagnostic Learning Services

-Beautifully Complex by Penny Williams

-All Things Sensory by Rachel & Jessica

-Parenting Without Power Struggles by Susan Stiffelman


-Foundations Whole Child Development - Dr Briegel Payne (virtual)

-Inclusiveology, parent & school support - DJ Nicholson

-The IEP Lab - IEP support - Beth Liesenfeld, OT

-The LD Expert - Chelsea DiMarzio, SLP

-Dyslexia Rx - Penny Stack



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