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Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Develop Handwriting Skills!

Here is a quick and easy list of our favorite tools, games, and resources that we love to use at Handwriting Solutions!

-Lite Brite Magic Screen - great for building fine motor control

-Alphabet & Number Puzzles - great for fine and visual motor skills and letter/number recognition

-Lacing Cards - works on fine motor precision and using both hands together

-Hi Ho Cherry-O Game - my personal favorite for pincer (index and thumb grasp) and use tongs for an added challenge

-Wooden Bead Board with Tongs - using tongs helps prepare the hands for a pencil grasp

-Winning Fingers Pop Up Game - like the old school Perfection game where speed and precision are important but with alphabet work build in

-Paint By Sticker - stickers are great practice for grasp patterns and controlling strength

-Wiki Stix with Alphabet Cards - excellent letter formation practice using multiple senses

-Any Handwriting Without Tears Products, including Stamp & See, Roll A Dough Letters, and any of the workbooks available at

Of course there are SO many more great options for games and toys but this short list should give you a great place to start... I mean finish ;) that holiday shoppping!

Want suggestions for a specific age or grade level? Just email me at

(Items above are linked to an Amazon Associate account. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)



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