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K is for Keyboarding

Yep, we talk about keyboarding at Handwriting Solutions. Keyboarding skills are essential to communicating with written expression. Every child will need to be skilled in typing with today’s technology.

Similar skills are needed for both handwriting and keyboarding, including finger isolation, coordination, visual and fine motor skills, motor planning, memorization, and more. According to Learning Without Tears Keyboarding Standards, pre-keyboarding begins as early as Kindergarten through 2nd grade. By 3rd grade, students continue building on their keyboarding with actual typing of words and sentences among other skills. Finally, keyboarding fluency is developed around 6th grade.

Students with dysgraphia, a learning difference in written expression, especially need training in keyboarding. Many times, typing is an appropriate and necessary accommodation with classwork. It allows these students to complete assignments at a more age-appropriate pace while taking away the significant effort required of them with handwriting.

Did you know we can help you with keyboarding skills at Handwriting Solutions?! Let us know how we can help!



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