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J is for Journals & Workbooks

Personally, I love to keep a journal handy to jot down quick notes, write ideas or to-do lists, or even scribe longer passages for blog posts, clients, and more.

With that said, encouraging journaling with kids is a passion of mine. It doesn’t matter their handwriting ability, but the fact that they are getting their thoughts out on paper.

Whether it is a daily reflection journal, a field journal they take notes in during outside exploration, or a fun idea for this time of year… a journal of their summer break with all of the small moments or camps or fun trips they participate in.

Likewise, I like to use high quality workbooks for handwriting practice. I have enjoyed Handwriting Without Tears and Size Matters workbooks as well as smaller known brands on Amazon. Once taught the correct formation and line placement and size, students can apply their learning with monitored practice in workbooks. As handwriting tutors, we first instruct the correct formation, line placement, size, etc. Then, we guide practice through workbooks as well as teach students to self-check their written work. Repetition of correct strokes builds motor memory leading to automaticity in handwriting. And self-check promotes independence, awareness, and improved accuracy.

Let us know if you would like specific recommendations for journals or workbooks for your child!

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