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It's Neurodiversity Celebration Week!

But just because it's only one week out of the year, does not mean we should ignore neurodiversity the other 51 weeks!

So you may be wondering....

What is neurodiversity?

According to the Oxford dictionary, neurodiversity is "the range of differences in

individual brain function and behavioral traits, regarded as part of normal variation in the

human population."

According to Harvard Health, neurodiversity refers to the diversity of all people, but is often used to describe individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other neurological or developmental conditions.

Why is it important to become aware and even celebrate neurodiversity?

-Awareness is the first step to acceptance

-A shift away from misunderstanding and towards empowerment from knowledge

-Improve the work, school, home, and public settings to become more neurodiversity-


How can we look at neurodiversity in a different way?

With a focus on the strengths of a neurodiverse individual, we can become more aware, more supportive, more educated, and more accommodating. According to Cleveland

Clinic, often neurodiverse individuals possess strengths in creativity, memory, visual

spatial skills, and so much more!

Why neurodiversity emphasis vs disability emphasis?

Embracing neurodivergence moves us away from focusing on deficits, and rather

focusing on differences. Different, not defective! This does not mean that individuals

with neurodiversity do not need support, therapy, or treatment. But that we can

embrace them for ALL aspects of their neurological makeup.

What can you do as a parent, educator, family member, friend, etc?

LEARN - educate yourself on neurodiversity and how to be neurodiverse-affirming

ASK - do not shy away from asking questions to better understand

PROMOTE - share your journey so that others feel less along in theirs

SUPPORT - be an advocate, a listener, a proponent of better services for neurodiverse individuals

Want to learn more??

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is happening March 18-24, 2024 here.

Neurodiversity Resource of the Panhandle is an excellent local resource for those in Florida.

Follow Handwriting Solutions on Instagram and Facebook for accounts to follow, resources, and information!

And finally, reach out and book a free consultation to learn how YOU can support your neurodiverse child with their academics!

Reminder - we help students with handwriting, reading, and spelling!



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