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Handwriting Club

Handwriting Club


Are you a parent of a child with messy handwriting?  Are you frustrated that you can't read their writing?  Are you feeling hopeless about their writing skills?  Well, we've got your back.  Parents like you have told us that they want something like our handwriting summer camp...but during the school year.  So we decided to make it happen!   


Introducing Handwriting Club... where your child receives small group handwriting tutoring online once a week for 8 weeks!  No need to leave your house, sit in traffic during a commute, or wrangle siblings!!  Get the highest quality handwriting remediation delivered to YOUR child in the comfort of your home.


Dates: Course begins week of October 23, and continues for 8 consecutive weeks. Sessions are 40 minutes on Zoom and groups will be limited to 4.



Kindergarten/1st Grade - Mondays 5:00pm CST

2nd through 4th Grade - Mondays 6:00pm CST

5th through 8th Grade - Mondays 5:00pm CST


Requirements:  internet, computer/tablet/phone, free zoom app


Materials will be mailed (including workbook, pencils, playdough, chalkboard/chalk)


Register by Oct 16 to ensure shipping


BONUS 1:  Weekly emails from your tutor with follow-up and activities to do at home!


BONUS 2:  Pre and Post screening to measure progress!


BONUS 3:  Free 20 minute consultation with founder Kelli Fetter during the 8 week club!!

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