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About Handwriting Solutions

We are so happy you have chosen us to be a part of your child's learning journey.  We are on a mission to help children become capable and confident in expressing their thoughts in writing.  Our vision is to be your go-to resource for when learning is hard.  Whether you are a parent or teacher, we want you to feel empowered and knowledgeable in helping your students as lifelong writers. 

Our founder, Kelli Fetter will be alongside you on this journey.  As a parent, she understands the struggles of handwriting firsthand as her daughter is diagnosed with both dyslexia and dysgraphia.  Kelli is a Certified Handwriting Specialist and has practiced occupational therapy for 10+ years.  She has experience in pediatrics as well as specific training in learning disorders as well as curriculums such as Handwriting Without Tears, Size Matters Program, & Because Neatness Matters. 

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Handwriting Solutions is a resource for families who need handwriting support. 

We help children of all ages, from pre-writing to print to cursive and keyboarding, both virtually or in-person. 

> The first step will be completing the Handwriting Assessment Report.  This report provides so much value in determining the underlying barriers impacting your student's writing.  The assessment includes a parent/caregiver interview and teacher consultation as well as observations of handwriting samples and a one-on-one formal assessment with your child.  ​

> Following the assessment, handwriting strengths and areas needing improvement will be noted and discussed with the parent/teacher and a full Handwriting Report with recommendations will be provided. 

> If tutoring sessions are recommended, Handwriting Solutions would provide all materials needed.  If you are doing virtual sessions, you will need a computer/iPad, internet, and access to a printer. 

> Tutoring Sessions are purchased as a bundle of 10 sessions, with sessions typically occurring 1-2x per week.  Scheduling can be adjusted depending on your needs.  Each session is 45 minutes in length, with daily practice of 5-10 minutes at home provided and strongly encouraged. 

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As Featured On:

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We discuss dysgraphia's distinction from dyslexia, vital handwriting components, recognizing assistance needs, developmental grasp sequences, stability and strength's role, promoting handwriting products, and enhancing literacy through handwriting.

International Dysgraphia Awareness Day 2023, and National Dysgraphia Awareness Day 2022, 2023

The Writing Glitch Podcast:  #6 Handwriting Solutions founder Kelli Fetter shares her family’s story and experience with Dysgraphia

In this episode, Kelli shares how the discovery of her daughter’s dysgraphia triggered the creation of a new business, Handwriting Solutions.

The IEP Lab Podcast:  #108 Dysgraphia & Handwriting with Kelli Fetter

In this episode, we are breaking down some amazing barriers to understanding dysgraphia (more commonly known as handwriting challenges!)

Neurodiversity Resource of the Panhandle:  Handwriting Solutions is an approved provider and founder Kelli Fetter serves on the board.

Serving the Emerald Coast, this group of dedicated educators, professionals, service providers, parents, & community members is amplifying, advocating, and supporting families living with neurodiversity.

DyslexiaRx:  Partner with Handwriting Solutions serving families with children with Dyslexia

Free webinars with Penny & Kelli discussing everything from handwriting, to literacy, to parent support, to occupational therapy. 

Inclusiveology:  Partner with Handwriting Solutions serving schools to promote inclusion practices in all educational settings

Free webinars with DJ & Kelli discussing inclusivity of students with disabilities, removing barriers, accommodations, & more.

Dystinct Magazine:  Nurturing Dystinct Minds May 2023 issue

Kelli Fetter discusses how a handwriting assessment can reveal why a child struggles with handwriting and how the insights gained can then be used to guide effective intervention

AspireOT:  Webinars & Workshops Just for OT features Kelli Fetter as Instructor

Kelli shares her lived experiences in this course to prepare OT practitioners to better address these areas by providing the tools, resources and research to implement effective intervention strategies based on the current evidence and best practices.

The Handwriting Collaborative:  Our founder Kelli Fetter is a board member serving educators, parents, and children.

The Collaborative is a nonprofit organization providing resources, connections, professional learning opportunities, and collaborations to amplify handwriting and literacy skills.

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