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About Us 

 Kelli is the tutor providing both handwriting assessment and tutoring sessions. 


Kelli is a Certified Handwriting Specialist and has practiced occupational therapy for 10+ years. 


She has experience in pediatrics as well as specific training with the Handwriting Without Tears and Size Matters Program. 


She also has personal experience as a parent of a child with dyslexia and dysgraphia. 

We look forward to working with your family!                                                              

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Handwriting Without Tears Level 1 Certification
Handwriting Collaborative
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Handwriting Solutions is a resource for families who need handwriting support. 

We help children of all ages, from pre-writing to print to cursive and keyboarding, both virtually or in-person. 

> The first step would be completing the Handwriting Assessment Report.  This report includes a parent/caregiver interview and teacher consultation as well as observations of handwriting samples and a one-on-one formal assessment with your child. 

> Following the assessment, handwriting strengths and areas needing improvement would be noted and discussed with the parent/teacher and a full Handwriting Report with recommendations would be provided. 

> If tutoring sessions are recommended, Handwriting Solutions would provide all materials needed.  If you are doing virtual sessions, you will need a computer/iPad, internet, and access to a printer. 

> Tutoring Sessions are purchased as a bundle of 10 sessions, with sessions typically occurring 1-2x per week.  Scheduling can be adjusted depending on your needs.  Each session is 45 minutes in length, with daily practice of 5-10 minutes at home provided and strongly encouraged. 

How It Works

Our assessments are not for diagnostic purposes but rather for the development of individualized treatment intervention to ensure writing success.  Our handwriting report can be provided to your diagnostician/pediatrician to aide in determination of a diagnosis.  Our tutoring sessions provide handwriting tutoring and our tutors are educational consultants.  We do not provide occupational therapy services but will gladly provide a referral if it is determined that your child needs more intensive, skilled services.
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