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Is Your Child Tired of Sitting at a Desk? Different Positions for Handwriting

Did you know there are so many aspects and skills that go into maintaining balance while sitting in a chair at a desk? Your child needs core stability, hip stability, shoulder stability, 90 degree angles at the hips, knees, and ankles, foot support, table at the appropriate level for elbows, computer screen at a comfortable level for the neck and eyes, and more! We know that proper positioning is essential for handwriting success.

With that said, we also recommend mixing it up! Changing up the body position during handwriting and other activities can increase attention and engagement. You can also think about alternative positions during homework or craft time, handwriting practice time, or even while watching a movie or reading a book.

Here are some alternatives to traditional desk and chair:

-Sit on a yoga ball at a desk or during activities

-Lie on your tummy with your elbows propped while playing

-Stand or half kneel on your knees and tape paper to the wall to write on

-Lie on your back underneath a table and write on paper taped to the underside of the table

-Sit criss-cross applesauce or long leg at the coffee table (use couch for back support if needed)

-Stand at a bar-height or dining room table

-Use a wiggle cushion or wobble stool rather than a chair

All of these seating positions and postures can be adapted to make it easier or more challenging depending on the child’s needs. Each provides various opportunities for strengthening, stretching, support, and movement!

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