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Handwriting Tutoring Online... How Does That Work?

Tired of putting your child in front of yet another screen? Worried your child is falling behind from all of the virtual learning over the past year? Curious how someone could even learn handwriting from an iPad or computer?

These are all concerns I share as a parent as well. I firmly believe (and have research to support this) that children learn best with hands-on methods, NOT solely through a screen. Interaction with a screen is only two-dimensional, whereas we want kids to learn by using all of their senses in a real-world environment. This multi-sensory learning achieves the most effective results that last.

That is why Handwriting Solutions is designed to offer identical handwriting services to that of an in-person session. All materials will be physical, including real pencils, paper, and manipulatives. The screen will only be a vehicle to deliver high-quality live instruction with a real human using actual handwriting tools. Sessions are short in length and twice per week to achieve handwriting improvements quickly. Daily practice of 5 minutes is strongly recommended, as we know body-brain connection occurs with accurate repetition.

Of course, there are apps and computer games that can support learning, and we encourage that. Even the Handwriting Without Tears program has an app! But at Handwriting Solutions, we know that hands-on learning is BEST which is why we do what we do.

If you have any questions about how Handwriting Solutions can serve you or your child, please contact us at



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