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Dysgraphia is More than Sloppy Writing

You Asked, We Listened!!

We have had literally DOZENS of requests to provide a guide or visual to educate others (educators, administrators, family, etc) about Dysgraphia, specifically explaining that it is MORE than sLoPpY hAnDwRiTiNg!! See what we did there?!

Dysgraphia (or Specific Learning Disability in Written Expression) can be MORE than just difficulty with handwriting. It is a neurological condition that impacts the ability to express thoughts on paper.

Handwriting is language by hand. When this language pathway is disrupted, the child can experience serious impacts on their academic pursuits, self-esteem and mental health, and simple basic daily tasks.

From struggles with spelling to inability to organize ideas to fine motor challenges, the challenges are specific to each individual. At times, dysgraphia can present as messy writing AND translating thoughts to paper. Other times it can be just one of those.

Because we understand the struggle to find quality information to better understand Dysgraphia, we have created a few printables for YOU!

Click below for your FREE printable to share with teachers, administrators, family & more!

Colorful Illustrated Brainstorming Tips Infographic
Download PDF • 470KB

Click below for your FREE printable to share with teachers, administrators, family & more!

Dysgraphia PDF
Download PDF • 1.25MB

Embracing individuals with Dysgraphia means understanding the unique challenges they individuals face AND celebrating the creativity and intelligence that often accompany this condition. The first step to helping your child or student with Dysgraphia is AWARENESS. SHARE this post and these resources to spread the knowledge and let's change the narrative on Dysgraphia!

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