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Does Your Child Have a Diagnosis? Handwriting Tutoring for a Variety of Needs

A wide variety of children, teens, and even adults can benefit from intensive, explicit handwriting tutoring. Many individuals who receive handwriting instruction do NOT have a specific medical diagnosis. Your child may just be struggling to keep up with written work, need extra support due to a lack of formal handwriting instruction, or need an extra boost to feel confident in written communication. See our Blog Post on how to know if your child needs handwriting tutoring!

Likewise, if your child does have a specific diagnosis, their handwriting may be impacted. Children with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Autism, and other physical or mental challenges have found great success with handwriting specific intervention.

Children with ADHD are given tools to help them focus on the paper as well as alternative seating options and multisensory teaching techniques to learn handwriting strokes as well as stay engaged with writing tasks.

Children with Dyslexia and/or Dysgraphia are instructed on foundational handwriting skills from a neurological perspective where we engage both sides of the brain to translate thoughts into written form. Multisensory strategies are used to learn alphabet formations.

Children with Autism receive handwriting instruction focused on the fine and gross motor skills required for writing as well as building visual perceptual skills necessary for handwriting success.

Whether your child has a specific diagnosis or not, a formal handwriting assessment will be conducted to determine if your child could benefit from individualized handwriting tutoring and, if needed, specific areas of handwriting to remediate.

Contact with any questions you have regarding your child’s unique needs!



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