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Typical Handwriting Milestones: The Basics

Most parents know the basics for child development... when your child should crawl, walk, eat solid foods, etc. Similarly, educators understand which educational milestones students should reach at each grade level. But what you may not be aware of is the development of handwriting skills and the importance of mastering each foundational skill. In this blog post, we will give an overview of these milestones so you can be informed about your child or student's progress and take action if there is a delay!

1-2 years old: Scribbling with crayons; begins imitating lines

3-4 years old: Imitates and copies lines and circles; begins forming simple letters

5-6 years old: Copies triangular shapes; begins writing name and most letters and numbers

7-8 years old: Forming letters and numbers accurately and at good pace; begins cursive writing and keyboarding

As you may notice, a TON of handwriting progression occurs in those first several years of life. Foundational skills of imitating and copying lines, shapes, letters, and numbers are crucial for handwriting development across the lifespan. Many higher level skills are needed to achieve fluency in writing: fine motor (how the child holds the pencil), visual motor (copying a letter from the chalkboard), and gross motor (proper sitting position in a chair). Early intervention is important, but also know that is never too late to help a child succeed in handwriting!

If your child is struggling with any of these milestones, please reach out to Handwriting Solutions for advice and assistance.



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