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C is for cutting! ✂️

Scissor skills are a fundamental for fine motor development in children. Cutting encourages separation of the two sides of the body, coordination and work at the midline, fine motor strength, motor planning for opening and closing the scissors, and so much more!

According to Ratcliffe, et al (2007), the following is typical progression of cutting skills with the suggestion that cutting skills continue to progress through ages 6-8 years old:

> 3 years old - manipulates scissors correctly but not yet cutting accurately on a line; snips

> 3 1/2 years old - cuts a circle within 45 seconds, at least 3/4 of the circle is within 1 cm of the line

> 4 years old - can accurately cut on a line; cuts square within 5 mm of the line

> 4 1/2 years old - cuts a square accurately on lines within 45 seconds

> 5 years old - cuts more difficult corners and circles

Evidence shows that exposure and frequent practice of scissor skills leads to better accuracy and skill development. We regularly use cutting tasks as a fine motor warmup before handwriting tasks. It is a fun and challenging way to warm up the hands and builds the brain-body connection!

Let us know if you have any concerns with your child's cutting or handwriting abilities at!



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