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A is for Alphabet Knowledge

According to the National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning, alphabet knowledge and early writing are separate but related skills that support reading and writing.

Children begin to recognize letters and letter sounds (b says buh), begin to scribble as early written communication (think pretend play), and eventually begin making letters that look more like print which leads to writing the letters in their own name.

Alphabet knowledge and early writing skills go hand-in-hand as the child develops. Therefore, alphabet knowledge is crucial for successful handwriting.

Knowing which letter is which, understanding which sound the letter makes, and forming that letter with multisensory tools and eventually pencil and paper, are all foundations of literacy and written work.

At Handwriting Solutions, we look at all areas of development and build a strong foundation that supports handwriting as well as lifelong written pursuits. Contact for any questions!



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