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Occupational Therapy or Handwriting Tutoring: Which One Does My Child Need?

Each child has unique strengths and needs, so deciding whether your child could benefit from occupational therapy (OT) and/or handwriting tutoring is subjective. There are many children who do both! Let’s learn about both so you can make an informed decision on what your child could benefit from.

Occupational therapy in pediatrics focuses on any and all areas of occupation that the child may be struggling with. From activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, to eating and feeding skills, the occupational therapist will use research based interventions to improve the child’s performance and independence. OTs are also trained to work with children on gross motor skills, such as riding a bike, and sensory processing abilities. OTs may work in schools or outpatient facilities to address these areas.

Utilizing a qualified handwriting tutor to focus solely on handwriting can free up the primary OT’s time to work on other skills and areas of need. If this is the case, the OT and tutor can collaborate in order to achieve the best results and carryover.

There are also many children with handwriting delays who do not qualify for OT through their private insurance or through school-based therapies (ie: if there is no medical diagnosis or multiple areas of need). In this case, private pay may be necessary for OT and/or handwriting tutoring. Handwriting tutoring allows for more flexibility in treatment strategies, scheduling, and progression as we develop our own plan unique to each student without the red tape of insurance.

In summary, both are useful and effective to address your child’s needs. At Handwriting Solutions, our tutor is an Occupational Therapist providing tutoring services. Let us know if you have questions regarding our services at Handwriting Solutions by emailing



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