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Payment & Cancellation Policy

Handwriting Solutions, LLC is not a billable insurance service.  Our assessments are not for diagnostic purposes but rather for the development of individualized treatment intervention to ensure writing success.  Our handwriting report can be provided to your diagnostician/pediatrician to aide in determination of a diagnosis.  Our tutoring sessions provide handwriting tutoring and our tutors are educational consultants.  We do not provide occupational therapy services but will gladly provide a referral if it is determined that your child needs more intensive, skilled services.


Payment is required before services rendered.  A 24-hour cancellation policy is mandatory.  We value our tutors time.  We also want to serve clients who are committed.  Client is responsible for payment of the agreed-upon fee for any missed session(s).  Client is also responsible for payment of the agreed upon fee for any session(s) for which Client failed to give Handwriting Solutions at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation.  If Client purchased a bundle of sessions, the session will be deducted from the total package.  We understand life happens, so a waiver of this policy is on a case-by case scenario and not guaranteed.


Your signature indicates you agree to these terms.

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